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The Contrast Between the Two Types of Mobile Crushing Stations

The mobile crushing plant mainly has two types, that is, the crawler type and the wheeled one. Its design eliminates the obstacles from crushing sites, operating environment, complicated configuration and sophisticated transportation; thus, it is widely accepted by a majority of users. This article is going to analyze their unique advantages by making a contrast of the two crushing plants.

Here are some common points for them.

The capability to move and to save time

The mobile crusher can directly reach the mining site without being affected by the change of the site. It can begin to run after the station is adjusted in a short time. Due to the small size, it is especially suitable for the narrow site. At the same time, it eliminates the cumbersome steel frame structure and the construction of the foundation, which cuts a lot of time.

The integration of the whole set of equipment

The integration of all equipment eliminates complicated infrastructure installation of the split components on the site, consuming less material and fewer working hours; thus, it is a production line integrating the material receiving, crushing and conveying equipment. The reasonable and compact space layout improves the flexibility of the station.

Low transport cost

The station can process materials on the site without having to move them away from the site for further processing, which greatly reduces the cost of transporting materials.

Flexible Combination and Various Functions

It can be customized to the user’s actual production requirements and various combinations can be made to form “first crushing and then screening” or “first screening and then crushing” process. In addition, a two-stage crushing system can be combined, including coarse crushing and fine crushing, or a multi-stage crushing system can be combined with coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. It can also be operated independently with great flexibility.

Finished products

At present, the mobile crushing station is applied to crushing construction waste. The produced aggregate has good particle size, favorable for recycling. The semi-open discharging system is suitable for crushing construction waste with a small amount of steel bar. And its finished products are fine with excellent shapes but little powder; thus, it is especially suitable for the production of eco-friendly bricks.

Apart from the mentioned things in common, they also have their unique advantages in such aspects.


The wheeled mobile crushing station cannot be completely seen as a mobile crusher for its movement always relies on the semi-trailer for traction, so it is not as powerful as the crawler-type mobile crushing station that is hydraulically driven by itself.


Since the wheeled mobile crushing station is driven by vehicle, it is more suitable for crushing various sand and gravel materials in construction waste processing, earthworks engineering, urban infrastructure and road construction.

For the crawler-type mobile crushing plant, its steel ship-type chassis improves its strength and passing ability; hence it is strongly adaptable to the conditions of mountains and wetlands, and even climbing. In a word, it is used for harsh operating environments such as open pit mining. Additionally, due to its convenient and fast movement, it is more used for crushing urban construction waste; many mining machine manufacturers also choose the crawler type.


When the wheeled mobile crushing station runs, the hydraulic support legs under the frame are fixed to increase the stability of the whole station. As is known to all, the stability is the basis of the operation of the mobile crushing station. Thanks to its good stability, the station is equipped with a large-scale crusher. That means that wheeled station can carry out the crushing operation of large materials and its working efficiency is extremely high.

The crawler-type mobile crushing station has lower stability, leading to lower crushing capacity than the wheeled one.


The wheeled mobile crushing station has short wheelbase, small turning radius; therefore, not only does it bring no damage to the road surface, but it can also flexibly work on ordinary roads and operating areas.

The crawler-type mobile crushing station uses the crawler to walk, enabling in-situ steering, standard configuration, and wireless remote control, making it easy to drive the crusher onto the trailer and transport it to the job site.


In general, the crawler-type mobile crushing station is more expensive than the wheeled one.

In brief, with the pursuit of efficiency and convenience, mobile crushing stations will be more applied in all walks of life. Given these two types have their own characteristics, users need to choose a mobile crushing plant in agreement with their production requirements.

Characteristics The Wheeled One The Crawler Type
Similarities Mobile and flexible
Without cumbersome foundation construction or steel frame, saving lots of time
The integration of the whole set of equipment
Low transport cost
Flexible combination with various functions
Fine aggregates with good grain size and little powder; suitable for producing eco-friendly bricks
Differences Movement Traction with a semitrailer Hydraulically driven by itself
Applications construction waste processing; earthworks engineering; urban infrastructure and road construction Strongly adaptable to mountains and wetlands, and even climbing work
Efficiency High stability and high efficiency Low stability and low efficiency
Performance Thanks to its short wheelbase and small turning radius, and the road surface is not damaged. It can be flexibly driven in ordinary roads and operating areas. It can turn its direction on the site with its crawler and be controlled by wireless remote control. So it is easy to drive the crusher to the trailer and transport it to the site.
Price low high

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Pubblished : May 23rd,2019

Last Updated : June 09th,2019

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